Who is Alexander T. Richmond aka, Coach-Alex?


My life's journey has lead me to discover my power & purpose through exploring both wisdom and healing. This powerful discovery has opened the door for me to be a resource for others and share my trials and tribulations on my personal path to success and freedom.

As a political prisoner, I experienced both physical and mental torture in former communist East Germany, and through that experience, discovered an inner strength and the capacity to forgive. Some call me the Peaceful warrior. I am a former Olympic wrestler, a world-champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, an International Trainer and Speaker, a certified transformation coach and leadership expert.

I have trained and developed myself in the areas of healing energy, meditation, transformation, Nero-linguistic programming and as a world-class trainer, presenter, speaker and coach.

I have traveled the world providing workshops & giving lectures in China, Bangladesh & Germany as a transformation, leadership and performance coach. I have worked with top level performers, CEO’s of companies and I have a proven track record.

I am committed to having people discover their true potential and gain access to what is possible in taking action to create a happy and fulfilled life. My step by step, proven system has people move from stuck to free.

If you want a life of fulfillment, a life of freedom, to be fully self expressed & to engage  and create what you want… then I am your personal coach. A world class, top performer & coach who will champion your dreams and goals. Lets do this together… transform your life in all areas, from your relationships to your professional career forever!

I personally invite you to discover what’s possible and together we can ignite the fire of the power within, Your success is my success…. And I am 100% committed to you.